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An apple and his Daddy

If I was a tree,
I’d grow apples,
not to make new Newtons,
but they say it keeps away the Doctors.

If I could fly,
I’d be a butterfly,
I’d be born one day,
and die the next day.

Ah well, If I were lifeless,
I’d be a river.
I’d flow sometimes
and get stuck sometimes.
but flow, I will.

hmm , I guess I’m human.
I’m not a river, not a butterfly
and yea, I know.
I’m not an appletree.

but there’s no denying.
All I want to do is
travel, hop around, and eat.





Fly along my dear friend,
fly with me again around the next bend,
I’ve never learnt to live without you,
and I don’t want to know how ’twas with you,

Remember the times, we’ve floated baloons,
caught grasshoppers and poked a lizard’s tail,
‘Twas fun wasn’t it, lil ‘ol childhood,
filled to the brim with memories,

I remember once we had to wait a lot,
was a drab sunny day if my memory’s correct,
I would sit and gape,
you’d sit and gape,
in to the whole wild world,
wild it really was, ain’t it !
Walking on walls and jumping into neighbours’ water tanks,
there were a couple of others too with us then, i guess

Then once,you gave me a book,
and it got me off the hook,
I forgot you,
Sorry! Well, I don’t want to know how ’twas with you
’cause, maybe we’re still thick friends,
as thick as tomato sauce?
or maybe as much as the new gum father bought home once,

Fun wasn’t it jumping with my brother on the bed,
bounce bounce,
Man! we really did bounce,
remember how we had to do the kneel-down-for-10-minutes punishment,
for every single time mother caught us !
Well, that was boring, ain’t it !
And the time, when grandfather promised to buy me any toy
at the nearby church festival,
if only I’d sit still for five minutes,
I never got any toy, sigh !

Funny, all those things coming back to me,
as I look into your eyes now, my dearest,
My Friend,
I don’t know how much I love you,My dear dear mirror.

There it was,
having lost all its glory
sat there she did with a pause
it hurt her more than anything ever
There was something thought she
which she never had thought
None of her wildest dreams had her thinking
of this,
of in all life time of her dear dear friend,
the little ripe mango,
she thought of him as herself,
it was a nice memory she knew ,
come there she would daily after work,
would peck at him did she, and he loved it,
that is at least what she thought he did,
he never spoke, would just smile at her,
would just wave like in the wind, at her

And Then, today , lying there in the dust is him, 
all splotched and torn, eaten by crows and dogs,
with filth all splattered over,
cry she did,
cry she did not,
but she did really cry,
well she never cared,
she wanted to cry, 
the cute little sparrow wanted to cry.

The young sapling

I’m a young sapling
i’m not grown up yet

I’ve got grow up a long way
see new things far away

I’m just a new kid in the block
watching you players flock

I guess I need to know more;
its getting dry and I need four

more seasons to be a tree
and then I’ll be free

waiting for the clock to tick
for the day to come kick

me out of this sapling world
and then I’ll be bold

I’d need nobody to hold
I’ll be as strong as gold

I feel now, the clocks ticking fast
feel like i’m getting there at last.

but still now I feel
my head reel


I’m a young sapling
i’m not grown up yet

The Boy who turned a Man.

There was a boy,
timid & shy as a fresh toy

A toy he was for all his friends
And friends to him were indeed Friends

Little did he know
it was all a show

They made him do this,
they made him do that,
They made fun of everything that was his,
They called him skinny, they called him fat

But, the boy never minded all of it
He believed in the goodness, some in it.

Slowly slowly, life started changing
bit by bit, his roots were ranging

He was kicked out of his home
and then he had no home

But a home he was for his real home
and one day had to come back home

But the Young Stupid Boy had turned a Man
those who once laughed and stuck noses , ran

for a man he was now, the boy was a man.

Day by day , though pain by pain
he never lost , for him all was gain

He believed in love, he believed in love,
He believed in the God, almighty above

And, one day arrived as fresh as strange
he met the girl he had loved

He had seen her in his Life’s dream
and he believed that she was him and he was her

But, he did’nt tell her
and she never told him

the reason unknown for no reason
and the story continues even this season.

Garden of Tears

Everyday I look at her,
Every moment I think of her,

When clouds sing songs of Thunder,
and Moon  plays the tune of a Blunder,

The heavy raindrops remind me of,
The drying dewdrops in the rose of
my heart, does it wilt away,
with a desire gone astray,
I should have told her,
I Love You , be mine forever,

 As clouds walk and the hills stand,
my miseries turn their way into a land,
Far far away, from all mankind ,
shall I Leave this and go my mind

In the Garden of tears,
With nothing so fierce,
as faint memories,
as sweet strawberries,

Far far away from all mankind
shall I go and Leave my Mind…